No, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects and the total percentage of full-spectrum products is minimal (0.2% or below) does not affect you. CBD is not the same compound as THC that is used and affiliated with illegal drug use.

No, you will not test positive on a regular drug test as these normally screen for THC. However, if a test is designed to test for all cannabinoids, the result will be positive.

This does not mean anything bad as CBD is perfectly legal in the UK so being tested positive for CBD is not a crime. CBD is used for natural health benefits not for illegal use or gains.

If you’re concerned ask your place of employment before starting to take CBD.

No, CBD products can not be overdosed on, if you ingest or apply more than advised. Our products are made from high quality organic ingredients and CBD ensuring no risk to health.

There are several different variables involved in dosing CBD. We recommend taking 1-4 drops of Tincture under the tongue holding it there for around a minute, repeating twice a day. New customers to CBD should start with a low dosage and increase it until you find the desired result of relief. If you suffer from a more severe condition you should discuss it with your doctor or specialist about dosing.

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